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h2. Dr. Tyler A. Erickson

Research Scientist, Michigan Tech Research Institute, _and_
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michigan Technological University

Ph.D., University of Colorado, 2004

{info:title=Contact Information}
*office phone:* 734-926913-85376846 
*office fax:*  734-913-6880 
*email:* [] 
*website:* [] 

Dr. Erickson's research interests include algorithm development for geostatistical analysis and designing internet-based geospatial information systems.  An example of Dr. Erickson's work on communicating science research using open-source geospatial and virtual globe technologies was selected as a [winning entry|North American Carbon KML] for Google's [KML in Research Competition|].

Dr. Erickson serves as coordinator for MichiganView ([]), a non-profit consortium of academic, non-profit, and governmental organizations that promotes the use of remote sensing technologies in Michigan by supporting research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer.

{info:title=In the News...}
|| 311/65/20092010 |  [Using KML into Research CompetitionVisualize 4-D Atmospheric Carbon Monitoring Data|] | YouTube - Google forCode EducatorsChannel |
|| 3/9/Nov 2009 | [AndMapping the awardCarbon goes to...Cycle with Google Earth|] | GooglePositionID LatMagazine Long Blog |
|| 39/1325/2009 | [MichiganIn Tech Scientist Wins Google Earth Competitionthe News|] | Michigan Tech MediaToday Relations Story |
|| 39/1321/2009 | [MTUGoogle scientist honoredEarth Application Maps Carbon's Course|http://www.uppermichiganssourcenasa.comgov/news/story.aspx?id=273053topics/earth/features/co2_google.html] | UpperMichigansSource.comNASA Website |
|| 36/1624/2009 | [MichiganNew TechTools Scientistfor WinsCarbon GoogleDetectives: Earth CompetitionTracking Carbon Emissions and Sequestration|http://www.adminnasa.mtu.edugov/ureltopics/ttoday/previous.php?issue=20090316#3earth/features/ess20_research_michalak.html] | TechNASA TodayWebsite |
|| 36/2018/2009 | [North American Carbon KML Communicatesdataset CO2 Findingsfeatured on the Google Earth Gallery|] | GeospatialGoogle SolutionsEarth Gallery |
|| 4/17/2009 | [University of Michigan exploring the applications of Google Earth|] | Google Lat Long Blog |
|| 63/1820/2009 | [North American Carbon KML datasetCommunicates featured on the Google Earth GalleryCO2 Findings|] | GoogleGeospatial EarthSolutions Gallery |
|| 63/2416/2009 | [NewMichigan ToolsTech forScientist CarbonWins Detectives:Google Tracking Carbon Emissions and SequestrationEarth Competition|] | NASATech WebsiteToday |
|| 93/2113/2009 | [GoogleMTU Earth Application Maps Carbon's Coursescientist honored|http://www.nasauppermichiganssource.govcom/topics/earth/features/co2_google.htmlnews/story.aspx?id=273053] | Website |
|| 93/2513/2009 | [InMichigan the NewsTech Scientist Wins Google Earth Competition|] | Michigan Tech TodayMedia Relations Story |
|| Nov 3/9/2009 | [MappingAnd the Carbonaward Cycle with Google Earth|goes to...|] | Google Lat Long Blog |
|| 3/6/2009 | [KML in Research Competition|] | PositionIDGoogle Magazinefor Educators |


Additional information: [Presentations and Publications|Erickson - Selected Presentations and Publications], [CV|^Erickson_CV.pdf], [Personal Blog|]

[Michigan Technological University|]
[Michigan Tech Research Institute|]
3600 Green Court, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 USA