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Help Improve Our Neighborhood and Millers Creek!

A recent study of Millers Creek found that stormwater that flows directly to the creek is a
major problem. Trees provide an invaluable ecosystem service by helping to keep
stormwater out of the creek. As part of their natural physiological processes, trees take
up lots of water (some adult trees take up and release as water vapor, or transpire,
thousands of gallons per day!), including stormwater and runoff. When the trees take
up this water, there is less of it to wash pollutants into the street drains and the
creek, keeping the watersheds clean and healthy.

Planting trees is a great way to offset stormwater pollution to the Millers Creek watershed!

The City of Ann Arbor continues to support this venture with rebates and resources to help
get you started. Visit the city's Replanting Tree Town page for more information!

Why Plant Trees?
  • It's fun to watch it grow.
  • Help to moderate summer temperatures (A large tree cools the air as much as would six room-sized air conditioners).
  • Increase the value of your property (Six to 15% according to many real estate studies).
  • Trees protect Millers Creek by taking up stormwater.
  • Trees provide food and shelter for a variety of birds and other animals.

Trees are needed now more than ever. We have lost so many trees to insects (the emerald ash borer), diseases (Dutch elm disease), and development. With all the benefits a large, healthy, and diverse tree population can bring to our community, planting trees is a crucial investment into the quality of our future environment.