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Hello and welcome to the web site dedicated to the Millers Creek Watershed. This web site was initiated as part of the Millers Creek Watershed Improvement Plan, funded by Pfizer Global Research and Development, Inc. The Millers Creek (once known as the North Campus Drain) is located on the northeast side of Ann Arbor, Michigan and drains to the Huron River.

About the Huron River Watershed Council

HRWC is a nonprofit coalition of local communities, businesses, and residents established in 1965 to protect the Huron River and its tributary streams, lakes, wetlands, and groundwater. HRWC works to inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economies that protect, rehabilitate, and sustain the Huron River system. Services include hands-on citizen education, technical assistance in policy development, and river protection and monitoring projects. See for information.

About the Huron River Watershed
The Huron River Watershed is made up of all the land that drains either directly into the Huron River or into the creeks that feed into the Huron River. Stretching from White Lake to Lake Erie and encompassing over 900 square miles, it contains parts of seven counties in southeast Michigan (Ingham, Jackson, Livingston, Monroe, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne). Half a million people in 74 different communities live within its boundaries.

Recent Developments

Sediment Accumulation Study Nearly Complete

A public meeting for the “MANAGEMENT OF MILLERS CREEK SEDIMENT ACCUMULATION STUDY” was held on Sept. 10, 2012., at Larcom City Hall   

Click here for the press release. For additional information on the study and progress go to the City of Ann Arbor site:

Fleming Creek Revitalizes a Creekshed Action Team

The Fleming Creek Advisory Council, similar to MCAT is a group of citizens and representatives from local organizations including UM, County, City, Townships, and HRWC. FCAC was active in the past and started meeting again in 2013 to review development proposals in the creekshed, which have started to occur again. Over the next year, the group plans to evaluate additional collaborations that the partnership may offer.

Millers Creek Watershed Management Plan

Ann Arbor City Council passed the Millers Creek Watershed Management Plan. This plan exemplifies the City of Ann Arbor's commitment to protecting and restoring this local watershed. The link below provides more detailed information on the new Watershed Management Plan.

Bank Stabilization along Huron Parkway?!

The City has stabilized the west bank of the Creek between Hubbard and Glazier Way to protect the sidewalk. Below are pictures taken of the stabilized creek bank in early June 2011.


Millers Creek's Neighbor is Thurston Pond!

Visit the new web page of the Thurston Nature Center, highlighting recent events.

Tree planting at Thurston!

  • A wonderful group of people planted trees on the Thurston School grounds on November 1st, 2009.
  •  An Oak Savanna has been created in the Thurston Nature Center! Please see posting above for more details.

Read about Phragmites Control Activity on Sept 21, 2013. Read the updated Pond Restoration Plan. See photos of the new Trail Labeling and Tree Labeling.

See the steps that people have taken to protect our creek.

Open the Millers Creek Map and check out the pushpin photos at each home that has told us how they are helping Millers Creek. Please let us know how you are helping the Millers Creek.
More news is available at the NEWS page.

Underwater Life in Washtenaw County

110 People Studied Millers Creek and other parts of the Huron River on Sept. 20, 2008. Click HERE for details.

Storming Down a Lovely Valley

HRWC presents the "Millers Creek Report: "Storming Down a Lovely Valley" in a PDF version. It is a large file and may take a few seconds to load on a slow connection.

Millers Creek flows along Huron Parkway in northeast Ann Arbor. This report includes the fascinating history of the watershed, a location of Native American activity, the Underground Railroad and early Ann Arbor enterprise. The creek provides a dramatic example of the effects of uncontrolled stormwater. Sections of the report describe local history and current conditions of the creek specific to the neighborhoods in the watershed as well as pinpointing specific opportunities for improvement. These latter include potential service projects for scouts or school groups.


Award for Millers Creek work!

Pfizer's Ann Arbor campus won an "MDEQ Neighborhood Environmental Partners Gold Award" for their collaboration with the local community on the Millers Creek Project. Well done, Pfizer!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Millers Creek Action Team is to work together to establish and implement socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable watershed management standards and practices that will improve the quality of the Millers Creek Watershed.


For a glossary of terms you may encounter while exploring this website, click here.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the study or this website, please email us at or call (734) 769-5123 X11 and leave Jason a voice message.



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