A brief history of the Millers Creek Action Team, 1992 through today


MCAT Actions and Achievements


  • Grass roots planning efforts begin with work by local landscape architect Peter Pollack, corporate architect Robert Black, local realtor, Peter Allen, and HRWC leader, Joan Martin to change the direction of large-scale corporate land planning activities to include new watershed management practices at several sites owned by ERIM along Plymouth & Green Roads.
  • Corporate Master Plan prepared by Pollack and Black for ERIM - with specific site areas identified for creekshed restoration on three properties totaling nearly 100 ac. in the watershed.


  • First "North Campus Creekshed Planning Meeting" hosted by ERIM on Green Road (5/27/93). Attendees included potential stakeholders in a neighborhood-wide effort of coordinated watershed stewardship. Link to brochure distributed at meeting.
  • Tom Beauvais, a researcher and cartographer at National Sanitation Foundation (watershed corporate resident) does research to find earliest map (1830's) of the area showing small creek simply noted as "Millers".
  • ERIM's Office of Facility Planning (with Management support, especially CFO, Robert Rosenblum) hosted and coordinated a series of monthly meetings with representatives of businesses, home associations, K-12 schools, churches, the University of Michigan, and other neighborhood residents, working with representatives from city and county government, to build grass-roots awareness and increase involvement to improve the Miller's Creek watershed.


  • Joan Martin (HRWC), Robert Black (Corp.Archt), and Jane Lumm (City Council Rep.) worked with Ann Arbor City Council to pass a resolution officially changing the name of "North Campus Drain" to "Miller's Creek".
  • Regular meetings with 26 stakeholder groups continues through the year with various activities to improve Miller's Creek, including: stream monitoring, clean-up, Science Fair projects, outreach to neighbors to encourage Best Management Practices through the watershed.
  • Local press (Ann Arbor News, 2/13/94) and other media help to spread the word about grass-roots efforts in Miller's Creek neighborhood. Link to Ann Arbor News article.


  • Meetings and activities continue to build on grass-roots efforts to build awareness and action throughout Miller's Creek.
  • Earth-Day Informational meetings and volunteer planting of native species plants by corporate employees coordinated by Robert Black (ERIM), Peter Pollack (Pollack Design Assoc.) and Joan Martin (HRWC) on ERIM sites.


  • ERIM innovatively develops its 36 acre multi-corporate campus (Plymouth-Green Technology Center) on Green Road and restores upper reaches of Miller's Creek to naturalized landscape with native plantings. Work led by Peter Pollack (Pollack Design Assoc.) and Robert Black (ERIM Mgr. Facility Planning).
  • Annual Earth Day plantings and activities continue at the PGTC campus.


  • Miller's Creek Landowner's breakfasts hosted by Pfizer and Altarum (formerly ERIM) to engage more participation in Miller's Creek by local business and large land owners.
  • Interpretive signage installed at PGTC campus as prototype to be used throughout the Miller's Creek watershed.
  • Local Wild Ones group tours the PGTC campus with Altarum Facility Manager R. Black to learn about Miller's Creek BMP's.

(draft by Robert Black/Architect/12-13-10)

Millers Watershed Improvement Plan

After episodes of flooding and bank erosion on Pfizer property due to high flows in Millers Creek, Pfizer approached the Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner (WCDC) and the Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) for help on a site improvements. With the advice of the WCDC and HRWC, Pfizer decided to take a watershed approach to solving their problems. Using a watershed approach will not only help minimize the impacts of Pfizer's proposed site improvements on upstream and downstream neighbors (including the creek itself), but will also provide a blueprint for potential improvements throughout the Millers Creek watershed.

The goal of the Millers Creek Watershed Plan is to develop a credible and sustainable plan for improving Millers Creek. We're looking for your help and ideas for improving the creek and its watershed.

The Project Team for the Improvement Plan includes the Millers Creek Action Team:

  • Pfizer
  • City of Ann Arbor
  • Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner
  • University of Michigan
  • Huron River Watershed Council
  • MTRI
  • Pollack Design
  • Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • Stantec
  • Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT)

Local residents and volunteers have already begun to help as well. You can participate in this interesting study by contacting the Huron River Watershed Council. Call Jason Frenzel at (734) 769-5971 or email him at jfrenzel@hrwc.org.

Geologic History

Please click here to view the geologic history of Millers Creek.