MTRI Spectral Library

The MTRI spectral library project was created to share spectral datasets that have been collected around the state of Michigan.

Example of Collected Spectra

Summary of Spectral Library Items

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Spectral Library Item Collection Start Date Collection End Date Samples Instrument Description General Location
Angular Reflectance Collects 04/29/2008 06/11/2008 308 ASD FieldSpec3 asphalt, concrete, cattails, phragmite, grass, roof, water surface, aquatic plants various locations in Northeast Ann Arbor, MI
Crop Residue 04/16/2008 04/16/2008 100 ASD FieldSpec3 Green plants, bare soil, moss, crop residue south-eastern Lenawee county, MI
Lake Michigan Spring 2008 Doughnut Cruise 04/23/2008 04/24/2008 335 ASD FieldSpec3 Aquatic Lake Michigan, South Haven, MI


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